Cracked Pepper & Maple BBQ Sauce


Introducing the “Cracked Pepper & Maple BBQ Sauce” from Maple Leaf Place, your ultimate Canadian-inspired condiment for adding a touch of true north flavour to your fish and seafood dishes. Crafted with 100% pure Canadian maple syrup, this sauce delivers a rich, authentic taste that embodies the essence of our nation’s culinary heritage. Perfect for grilling, roasting, or marinating, our Cracked Pepper & Maple BBQ Sauce blends the robust sweetness of real maple syrup with the boldness of cracked pepper and a harmonious mix of savoury spices, creating a mouthwatering balance that will elevate your seafood to new heights. Whether you’re preparing delicate fish fillets, succulent shrimp, or any variety of seafood, this sauce brings the warm, inviting flavours of Canada to your table. Celebrate the spirit of the Great White North with every bite and transform your fish and seafood dishes with the true taste of Canada. Enjoy the delicious, maple-infused goodness in every drop of our Cracked Pepper & Maple BBQ Sauce!

ingredients: Water, Vinegar, Tomato paste (tomatoes), Sugars (maple syrup, brown sugar), Scotch bonnet peppers. Gluten free soy sauce (wafer, soy beans rice sal, brewing starter (aspergillus sojaej). Salt, Mustard, Black pepper, Granu- jated garic. Granulated onion, White pepper, Xantihan gum, Coriander, Celery seed Thyme.


  • Made With Real Maple Syrup
  • Great With Fish & Seafood
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