Recipes to reinvent your poutine (just add fries!)

Poutine is popular dish in Canada and Quebec. It consists of fries, cheese curds, and gravy. However, with the addition of different ingredients, you can make your poutine more exciting and inventive! Here are some recipes to reinvent your poutine:

Chicken Pot Poutine:

This is an interesting twist on the classic dish that combines French cuisine with traditional Canadian flavours. It’s made with potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, garlic and thyme which are then deep-fried before being topped with roast chicken pieces and cheese curds to make this delicious meal even better!

Lobster Poutine:

Lobster poutine is a variation on the classic dish that adds chunks of lobster meat to the mix as well as rich cream sauce to create this decadent dish!

Breakfast Poutine:

Start your day off right with some poutine! Just add bacon and eggs to create a morning masterpiece. Top with ketchup or gravy.

Butter Chicken Poutine:

Butter Chicken Poutine is a dish that combines two Canadian favorites, butter chicken and poutine. This dish was created by chef Vikram Vij to celebrate the opening of his new restaurant in Vancouver. The dish is made up of butter chicken, fries and cheese curds, topped with green peas and a drizzle of chutney. The ingredients are then baked until the cheese melts.

Holiday Poutine:

Have some leftovers from a recent holiday? Why not reinvent them in a poutine! This holiday dish is a Canadian classic that has been around for many years. The dish is made up of fried potatoes, gravy and stuffing. It is believed that this recipe was created in the 1950s by a woman named Marie-Jeanne Royer. She was a cook at the Quebecois Inn in Quebec City, Canada.

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